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Are you ready for granite countertops but dont know where to begin?

Here are a few helpful tips:

First, don't shop on the internet, all you are going to do is confuse yourself. Colors will always look different in person and sometimes the names of the slabs change, so you might be out looking for something you won't be able to find.

You'll need to start at local granite wholesale yards. These yards sells slabs but not to the general public. The four largest local wholesale yards are:

  • MDS 225-272-0012
  • Triton Stone Group 225-303-0578
  • TSI 225-753-5870
  • Select Stone 225-756-2274

It can get confusing because the wholesale yards only sell to fabricators and sometimes contractors.

After visiting the stone yards, you'll need to secure a fabricator (Choctaw Stone & Granite). You can place the slabs that you select on hold so they don't sell them before you get a chance to purchase them. At this point with your color picked out you are ready to get your kitchen measured. The fabricatior will send someone out to pull some measurements on your existing cabinets (if they are remaing in the same place and not being altered).

For new builds, your cabinets need to be in place and screwed in to take measurements. Once your cabinets have been measured, the fabricator will give you a price based on the color you have choosen and your measurements. Usually, a deposit is required to start fabrication.

On the other hand, if you have no idea what color you would like or are feeling overwhelmed with the remodeling process, please schedule an appointment with our design specialist and we can help you pick colors and organize your remodeling project.